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The symbolism of bread is so important to several cultures that once you have broken bread with someone, it is no longer honorable to kill them.

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2003-08-02 If it's faster, they will come!

It's amazing... we installed a WiFi link between us and our ISP.  Peak Internet is about 1/4 mile away and we have good line of sight.  Since installing the high speed link, the number of visits to the web page per day have increased by about 25% since the end of July. I haven't been advertising. The only difference is the speed of the connection. I guess the old 56k (HA - 33.6K if the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter is aligned with Mars) modem was an impediment to visitors. I am SO happy the high speed link is up!

After a long period of relative quiet and inactivity, I've been busy. REAL busy. How busy? Well, as I type this, the first of the
Softasilk flour test is done, now all I need to do is photograph and taste the bread. The first of the King Arthur All-Purpose flour breads is in the oven. And I completed baking the Basic Yeasted White Bread for the Introduction to baking pages.
By the time anyone sees this page, these pages should be done.

These two flour tests mark the end of the first round of flour tests I've learned a lot from them about how flour works, or sometimes how it doesn't work. I've also learned more about testing. I'm in no hurry to start a new round of flour testing, though it will happen. For now, I think I'll play with different ways to start starters, different ways to knead (EVERY book I've read has a different way to knead), the English Muffin shootout, and the San Francisco Sourdough recipe shootout. And in my spare time, I think I'll start a bakery.

When the tests do start again, they will be different. How different? Well, all the ingredients will be weighed to eliminate variables. If we knead in more flour than the recipe calls for, we'll weigh that flour too. It'll be two recipes instead of four. And we'll be looking at some things we just haven't looked at this time - like starter rise volumes, elasticity, and extensibility.
I'll be thinking about the tests... even if we aren't starting them just yet.

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