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Some quick bread recipes

On this page, we're listing some of our favorite quick breads. Usually, when people think of quick breads they think of breads leavened with baking powder. or baking soda and buttermilk. There is an almost forgotten sourdough variant of this, ripe (or acidic) sourdough starter and baking soda. It makes great biscuits, rolls, muffins, cupcakes and even an utterly amazing chocolate cake. We include the chocolate cake recipe in an upcoming Quickbreads cookbook.

Blueberry Sourdough Muffins

Carrot Pineapple Sourdough Cupcakes

Pancakes Made With Discarded Starter

Waffles Made With Discarded Starter

2 thoughts on “Quick Bread Recipes”

  1. Did you used to have a recipe for sourdough sweet rolls? I thought I had gotten it from this site years ago, but I haven’t been able to find it.

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