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The symbolism of bread is so important to several cultures that once you have broken bread with someone, it is no longer honorable to kill them.


Baking Tips and Techniques
With a Special Emphasis on Sourdough

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Some interesting bread and baking topics - Altitude baking issues, baking topics, dough, gear, and Sourdough techniques.

Altitude Issues In Bread Baking
Altitude or baking with an altitude

Baking Topics
Baking Is A Balancing Act - Or How Do I Know How To Bake My Bread?

The (big) Holey Grail - if you want big open crumb, let's defer to the master on this - Trevor Wilson - who also has a nice YouTube video

Slice a Bagel - Not Yourself - Slicing bagels safely isn't hard when you know the simple secret, check it out!

Dough techniques
How do I extend the rise time of my dough?

Retarding Dough For Flavor Enhancement and Process Control

Scheduling - A more hands-on overview of fitting baking into your busy schedule

Stretch and Fold - A Gentle Way To Develop Dough - and the Elusive Panama Bread Recipe too!

How to knead Dough, converting recipes from volume to weight, and Mexican Anise bread

The Art of the Rise - Understanding What Is Happening In Your Dough

Gear for baking gearheads
How do I measure "stuff"? (including small stuff like salt and yeast!)

Some tools we find especially useful

Introduction to Peelology, or Getting Dough Into the Oven Safely

How To Slice Bread - A Reassuring Guide For The Compleat Klutz

Sourdough Topics
How many starters do I need anyway?