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How would you like to be able to slice a bagel? Safely! With no tools but your hands and a good knife? YOU CAN DO IT!

Our Class Schedule

Since we entered the age of Covid-19 we've moved our classes are online, handled with Zoom.

We are offering three class packages.

Just a Class - you are enrolled in our Zoom class and get an electronic copy of all our class materials, complete with shopping lists and preparation guides.

Just a Class Plus - All of the above, plus you get printed copies of our class materials and a dried sourdough starter for sourdough based classes.

Just a Class Plus PLUS - All of the above, plus..... so much more!  We send you all the non-perishable ingredients for class, pre-measured and labeled for your convenience, baking tiles, bread pans where appropriate, bowl covers, a dough scraper, and a liquid sourdough starter for sourdough based classes.

Sadly, we can not offer the Plus or Plus PLUS packages to students outside the USA due to difficulties shipping agricultural products.

In the table below is most of the information you might want about our classes - the date the class will be held, where the class will be held, the registration deadline, the name of the class and a more or less brief description of the class. If you click on the name of the class, you'll be taken to a more complete description of the class. In addition to our scheduled classes, we also do retreats and workshops, at your facility or ours. We are happy to have special classes for four or more people.

If you prefer not to deal with PayPal, you can use the "Contact Us" page and send us an email. Tell us which class you want to be in, how many will be in your party, and how to contact you.

Date/Time/LocationRegistration DeadlineClass Title and LinkNotesRegister
Saturday February 27, 2021
9:30 AM Central
On line
JaC - Fri, Feb 26

JaC+ and JaC++ Fri, Feb 19
Flavored BreadsAll you really need to make bread is flour, water, salt and a riser. Unless you want MORE! And this class is about MORE!

In this class we make a killer cinnamon raisin bread, a great olive bread and - your choice - either a jalapeno-cheddar or a garlic-cheddar bread!

The class cookbook contains 27 recipes that made our customers very happy - and we are sure they'll make you and your customers very happy too!
Saturday March 13, 2021
9:30 AM (Central)
On line
JaC - Fri, March 12

JaC + and JaC++ Fri, March 5
Intro to SourdoughSourdough is the oldest risen bread. It was eaten in the time of the Pharaohs, and has been enjoyed ever since. Despite being the oldest bread, it is surrounded by mystery. In this class, you will make good sourdough bread!
Saturday March 27, 2021
9:30 AM Central
On line
JaC - Fri, March 26

JaC+ and ++ Fri, Feb 19
Bagel Mania! It's sad, but bagels have fallen on hard times. Gone are the days when a bagel was a dense, chewy flavorful bread. Now they are all too often a light bread with little flavor other than "sweet". And it's sad! Did I mention it was sad?

In this class, we make the real deal! In class, we'll make and bake a batch of Montreal style bagels together in class, and then we'll make two batches of New York style bagels to let rise overnight, boil and bake for the next day's breakfast. While we wait for the bagels to rise, we'll make some schmears to enjoy with the Montreal style bagels and for the next day's bagel breakfast! This is one of our most enjoyable classes!

We'll add more classes later in the year. Want a particular class? Just ask!

At risk of being repetitious, perhaps you don't have time to take one of our classes? Maybe you live too far away? Many of our textbooks are available from Mike's Bread Shoppe.

Is there a baking or food class you'd like to take that we don't offer? Is there a class we offer that we haven't held in a while? Do you have trouble with Saturday classes?Please tell us! The bagel class came about because people asked for it. We offer custom classes if you can get together enough people to make it worth our while - and that's not a lot of people!If you suggest a new class and we decide to offer it, we'll invite you to the first class, on us! (Well, we won't charge you for the class. Getting here, accommodations and food outside the class are not covered by this offer.) Just let us know on the "Contact Us" page!