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All our cookbooks were forged in the cauldron of our classes.  The recipes were tested in our bakeries and retested by students.

All purchasers will be immediately able to download a electronic file of our cook books which includes a letter sized copy and a digest sized copy.  Included with all our cookbooks is our limited lifetime subscription.

While you will be able to download your eBook at once, any printed copies you purchase are usually mailed out within two business days.

Mastering Flavorful Breads

Mastering Flavorful Breads coverI'm not the first, and I won't be the last, baker to say that a lot of a bakers job is to unlock the taste of the ingredients in the bread. Flour has layers and layers of taste that are released to ones palate using preferments and slow rises.

Preferments were developed in the late 1800's to help restore flavor to breads that were lost when bakers moved from sourdough to bakers yeast. Often forgotten, these techniques achieve their goal, and will help you take your breads to the next level. In this book, we talk about how to use poolish, biga, and autolyse.  Of course our old friend sourdough makes a return visit.

All this is combined with slow rises to give these techniques time to work.


Back To Bagels

Cover of the back to bagels cookbookWe love bagels.  Not just any bagels - dense, chewy flavorful bagels.  SOURDOUGH bagels.  In the classic New York City style.

We had a number of New York City expats tell us, with tears in their eyes, they hadn't had a REAL bagel since they left the city.  And that it was getting harder and hard to find real bagels there also.

Making bagels isn't hard, and we hold your hand so you can do it right!  As with so many baked goods, the secrets are using good ingredients, allowing fermentation time to build flavors, and following a documented procedure.  It baffles us why there are so many bad bagels on the market.


An Introduction to Sourdough Baking

Introduction to Sourdough Cover

For some time our "An Introduction to Sourdough Baking" cookbook has been our hottest seller. The book is an integral part of our "Introduction to Sourdough" class, so you know the recipes are student tested.

The book has been used in dozens of classes, and has sold over a thousand copies besides. It has been widely praised as an excellent introduction to using sourdough.

The book is 64 pages densely packed with pictures and information. If you would like to see what you're getting, here is a sample download of the first edition of our book, and it's only gotten better since!


Coming Soon!

Garden Herb Bread being braidedI focus a lot on unlocking the flavors in flour to make rich flavorful breads. But there is a broader world beyond breads made with the "big 4" of flour, water, salt and riser.

Many grocery store bakeries call it a flavored bread if they drizzle something on top of the bread. All too often the bread is baked in a pie pan, and the bread doesn't even rise above the pie pan. Really, are we buying bread or a funky pie? In our classes, the breads are risen and bursting with flavors that can not be contained!

This cookbook is taken from our Flavored Breads Class and our experience in running bakeries. Some bread recipes in the book are a three color garden herb bread (being braided to the left), a killer cinnamon raisin bread, a jalapeno-cheddar bread I call "Pepper Belly", a totally over the top garlic-cheddar bread I call "garlic head", our signature flax seed bread, some amazingly seductive pecan cinnamon sticky buns, and many other flavored breads.

This will be the largest cookbook we've produced yet, and will cost more than our other cookbooks - but it WILL be worth it.  At this time, we're retesting the recipes and gaining weight.

We want to release this cookbook in time for Christmas 2019 shopping - keep an eye on this space!

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