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— Vivian, Bay St. Louis, MS

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2003-08-01 WiFi Link Up and Flour Tests!

Say... did I mention that the high speed wireless link to the Internet is back up again? Well, it is. Instead of a wimpy downstream modem, we're now connected at somewhere between 756,000 and 1,000,000 bits per second. We are so delighted that we're downloading huge software updates, listening to music on-line and more. We hope there's some bandwidth left over for you to browse our web site.

Also, as I type this the long promised last two flour tests are underway.  We're testing Softasilk (a cake flour) and King Arthur's all-purpose flour.  We are very eagerly awaiting the results of these tests.

(A 2019 note.  At this time I was employed as a networking gear tester and reviews editor, which meant I had a room full of computers.  One was a FreeBSD server that acted as the first web server for Sourdoughhome.  We recycled it last  year and miss FreeBSD a lot.  Since we had our server in our office, connectivity to the Internet was not entirely reliable.)

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