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We've been teaching people how to bake online since April, 2001, and longer in person. If you want to learn, we can probably teach you.  Here are a number of our courses....

A Painless Introduction to Baking - this is for the "never ever baked before - at least not successfully" person.  We use yeast recipes to avoid, for now, the complications added with sourdough.  We walk you through three recipes, each of which builds on the one before.  At the end of the class, you'll have made three great simple loaves of bread - painlessly!

Fast Track to Sourdough Baking - This class gets you started in sourdough baking.  We talk about how to get a good starter, how to maintain a starter and walk you through two easy bread recipes.  From sourdough zero to sourdough hero - quickly!

Sourdough Starter Primer - Sourdough starters are at the heart of sourdough.  Still, they get surrounded with more mythology and fear than they really warrant.  In this primer, we go through how starting a starter works, three good ways to start a starter, a somewhat more in depth look at how to maintain a starter, how to recover a starter when the unfortunate happens, and even using a starter.  Many people don't need the level of depth and detain in this class, but it's good to know it's here.  Some people think this section is too long, but we know it will take about a week to start a starter, and that reading for 10 or 20 minutes will greatly increase your chances of success, so it's time well spent.