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Friday May 18, 2007 - The Trip To Camp Bread

After the bake night Wednesday night, and resting up on Thursday after the deliveries were complete, it was time to fly to San Francisco. It was amazing! Despite past experiences that had me cringing in anticipation, United Airlines, the only airline that serves our mountain hamlet, was on time throughout. They were overbooked (as always), and as always, were looking for volunteers to take a later flight. However, we really didn't want to get in at 9:30 at night.

More realistically, I've found that things either go well with United, or it's a disaster. As I sometimes quip, it's a short distance between United and untied. We weren't bumped and got into San Francisco on time - the airline was United!

While the official hotel of Camp Bread is the Embassy Suites, we are here a day early, so for one night we're staying in the Homewood Suites. It's nice enough, and considerably cheaper than even the special rate at the Embassy Suites. Once we checked in, we went across the street to the Raddison and enjoyed their bar. It had been some time since I was in a bar that could - and would - make a black and tan. After a black and tan for each of us, and a Guinness for me, Beth and I returned to our hotel room and ordered room service from Cecilia's, a local Italian restaurant. We weren't expecting much other than not having to leave the room. What is it about airline travel that is so draining? All you do is sit for several hours and arrive as tired as if you'd walked the distance instead? Back to Celilia's - we were delighted with our linguine with clams, our linguine with shrimp Alfredo, the bruschetta, and the moderately priced Chianti. After our trip and our meal, we called it a night, and dreams of sugar plums, or Camp Bread, danced through my sleep. Finally, a chance to meet the people who have been so important to me for a number of years!

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