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Some Rye Bread Recipes

To anyone raised on northern European breads, rye breads are the staff of life. They have a taste that fills your heart and soul. They are usually dense breads that require you to really chew them. Sometimes I stop eating rye breads... and when I start again I wonder why I stopped.

We've been a bit too wrapped up in the flour tests, so we don't have as many rye recipes ready as we'd like. Keep dropping back by.

Bohemian Rye

New Bohemian Rye

Roggenmischbrot mit Sonnen blumenkernen (Mixed wheat and rye bread with sunflower seeds)

Swirly Rye


2 thoughts on “Rye Bread Recipes”

  1. I cannot find your rye recipe, real shame that. The whole site seems to have a new look, and while I see the standard three recipes you have for rye, those links do not go anywhere useful, certainly not to the usual recipe

    Thank you

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your note! Any time there is a major update, things can go wrong. And, yup, I managed to mess up that menu. I’ve fixed the problem.

      On the brighter side of the news, that was only on the rye breads menu. If you selected the main menu entry “recipes”, all the rye bread recipes were there and the links really, really worked.

      Best wishes, and thanks for letting us know about the problem!

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