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Quotes From Students – “Just a note of appreciation for the two GREAT bread making classes last weekend in Colorado! The classes were informative, motivational, and for me a great confidence builder!”

— Bruce, Oklahoma City, OK


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We had a sourdough class yesterday and it was great! One thing that was especially good this time was the pizza! We make sourdough pizzas for lunch in the sourdough class.

We made a number of the classic class pizzas - shrimp, asparagus and mozzarella cheese; smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, mascarpone, and capers; the pesto and mozzarella cheese; and a few others. They were great!

However, ever since I'd seen Michael Michael Ruhlman's Breakfast Pizza - put an egg on it!Ruhlman's blog I'd been itching to try the bacon, asparagus, egg and cheese pizza that Michael Ruhlman talks about in his blog. It was a major hit. I'm making another one for breakfast this morning, and will post a picture if we can get a picture before we dive in. (Sadly, there was too much camera shake and all the pictures were blurry, so this picture is... ahhhh... borrowed from Michael Ruhlman's blog.  Next time!)

It's a great breakfast pizza, and it was pretty amazing for lunch. One thing he stresses that I appreciate and try to teach in class is that the recipes are not carved in stone, changing them is fine, and that you NEED to change them to make them yours. Thanks for sharing Michael!

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