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A home ground whole grain bread class, oh my!

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We've offered the whole grain class any number of times, and It's been an eye opener for people who have had trouble baking with whole grains.

This time, we dug out our grain mills and ground our own flour. Sometimes classes have a special chemistry, and this one did. A number of really nice people showed up on time. We ground flour and made bread for 6 or 7 hours.

We had whole wheat focaccia for lunch. We had talks about how home ground flour is different from the store bought stuff, the good and the bad. I've been adjusting the recipes (or formulas) to adjust for being closer to sea level. Three were great, but one I overshot on. I should have them all dialed in by the next time we offer a whole grain class.

My favorite comment was from Rachel who said, "You don't charge enough for your classes!" I agree, but we're not planning on raising prices any time soon.

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