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Comments on “Afternoon Tea With The Avery’s”

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We've wanted to have this class for a long, long time, but it never got any traction. Yesterday, we had two students for the class and it was GREAT!!

We started with our "Back to Bagels" class, which is always fun. After we boiled and baked our bagels, we started working on our Afternoon tea. We made home made Pimento Cheese Spread (if all you've had is the stuff they sell in the grocery store, you don't know what you're missing!), and several bread spreads that needed some chilling time.

We sat down for lunch with the fresh bagels, some lox spread, several home made cream cheese spreads and good companionship.

After lunch, we made three kinds of cookies and made many finger sandwiches. Then we made tea. REAL tea. Loose leaf tea. And then we set the table and had afternoon tea. It was civilized, it was elegant, and it was really, really fun.

The only bad part was that we had too much fun to think about taking many pictures. I'll look at the pictures, make sure no one is in witness protection and then maybe post some. Next time, we take more pictures.

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