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Coming In From Out of Town?

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One of things that please, amaze and humble us about our classes is how far some people travel to take them. And even when people drive or fly in from far away, they enjoy the classes and tell us and their friends the trip was worth it.

Still, we know coming to a strange area can be difficult. There are arrangements to make, you need to find a place to stay, where should you go to eat? Even getting from the airport can be a hassle in a strange town.

We're more than ready to help you with all these issues. Please use the "Contact Us" link and tell us where you're coming from, what sort of place you'd like to stay in, and what your price range is, and we'll see what we can do to help. If you, like me, would rather not get a rental car in a strange airport and fight your way out of the airport past homicidal taxi drivers, please remember we've been known to give people rides from the airport to their hotels, and to help them pick up rental cars farther from the hustle and bustle of the airport.

We've put together a list of hotels in the area, along with some comments about them. We hope you'll give us feedback about the hotels so we can fine tune it in the future.

We have also put together a list of local restaurants. We have to admit, we've tried more local restaurants than local hotels, so the information in the restaurant information sheet is better than the information in the hotel information sheet. Just use the "Contact Us" page and ask for the local hotel and restaurant information.

If your traveling companions would like to come with you, but don't really want to attend baking classes, we understand. While we can't act as tour guides, we can put together suggested itineraries and try to help our student's traveling companions meet one another and go out to see the sights. There's a lot to see in all of the areas where we hold classes, and you should get out and see some of it. Whether you're after shopping in the big city, museums, zoos, art exhibits, brew pub crawls, fine dining, visiting a dojo, dropping in on a health club, or whatever - we can help your traveling companion get out there and have a good time.

We understand that our cancellation policy can cause problems for people who are coming in from out of town. So we ask that you please contact us before making reservations - we will bend over backwards for our out of town students!

This page was last updated on December 5, 2014

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