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Thank you Mike, your site has given me so much help. It is clear, intelligent and most importantly, not scary. Your site pushed me to take the plunge into pain au levain. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get out of the magic of baking bread.

— -comment from a website visitor

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2003-06-15 Sourdough Croissants and Danish

I've been playing with Danish and Croissants. In sourdough, of course. Lots of fun. If you have a favorite Danish filling you can suggest, please send the recipe on to me through our "Contact Us" page. If we like the recipe enough, we'll include it in our web page and give you credit for sharing, or creating, the recipe.

All this is in the interest of starting a commercial bakery here in Gunnison, Colorado. Our most recent efforts have been directed towards finding a good location to start the bakery, and to obtain funding for some of the startup costs. Things
are looking very positive! Once we open, readers of this web site will have an open invitation to visit us.... remembering that we will be a production bakery, and we might well put you to work <g>.

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