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Quotes From Students – “Just a note of appreciation for the two GREAT bread making classes last weekend in Colorado! The classes were informative, motivational, and for me a great confidence builder!”

— Bruce, Oklahoma City, OK

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2003-06-03 Playing With My New Whispermill

Playing with the WhisperMill has been a lot of fun. Where the KitchenAid mill takes a long time to grind 5 lbs of flour coarsely, the WhisperMill takes minutes to grind the flour finely. I've made biscuits (plain old buttermilk biscuits - I haven't liked the sourdough biscuits I've tried. They're rolls to me, not biscuits), communion bread, and several batches of whole wheat bread.

So far, everything has worked out well. The breads rose well, especially the bread made with the 100% Whole Wheat Flour recipe.  I' ll put more of a write up on the WhisperMill in the useful tools section before long.

(An edit from 2019 - After writing this I had an opportunity to compare several home flour mills and then reviewed them.  With more knowledge, our perspective changes.)

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