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— William Cobbett (1763?-1835), British journalist

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Sunday, February 14, 2010 - Valentines day and a discovery! - Long time site visitors, and those who are obsessive about looking at every page here (thank you!) know I really liked using Saran Wrap's "Quick Covers" to protect dough and I talked about how the large ones were big enough to cover almost any bowl. In fact, I covered 5 gallon buckets with them. However, Saran Wrap didn't sell enough of them, so they discontinued the pack of large covers, and then dropped the line altogether. A correspondent suggested I go to Sally Beauty Supply and check out their disposable shower caps. Sally is a chain of beauty supply companies that sells direct to the public. When I was dying my beard, I got my beard coloring there. (Hint for Mr. Grey - the stuff in the grocery store is not as good as the professional products!)

The shower caps are just $1.99 for 10 of them. I was intrigued and went off to Sally. As soon as I entered a friendly sales lady jumped forward to help me. She suggested that I might want to look at the "very similar" processing caps also. The processing caps are used in beauty shops to keep the strange chemicals they put on clients hair from dissolving the paint on the walls and triggering asthmatic attacks. The caps looked very similar to the shower caps. The helpful sales lady smiled and told me she uses the processing caps as shower caps (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). And the processing caps are $1.99 for 30 (YES - THIRTY) caps. We had a baking class this weekend, and the caps were just great! I hate throwing away plastic wrap. These reusable shower caps are *SUCH* a step up from plastic wrap! Reusable, and the elastic band keeps them where you put them. I haven't tried putting them on a 5 gallon bucket yet, but I think they'd fit.  (2019 update - they DO fit 5 gallon buckets!)

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