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Honey is a sugar based syrup made by bees gathering pollen from plants.  Many people feel local honey, having local pollen, can help people minimize allergy symptoms.

Sugar contains enzymes which can interfere with dough rising.  This is most pronounced with raw honey.  The answer is to blanch the honey to denature the enzymes.  There are some people who are very serious about the nutritional value of honey and they are concerned that blanching honey would reduce it's nutritional value.  This may be the case, but remember, the dough will be baked which would do the same thing.  If you want the nutritional benefits of honey, put it on the bread.

Vegans avoid honey as they view it as animal slavery.  If you agree, there are other options, such as maple syrup, molasses, light molasses, ribbon cane syrup and agave syrup.  Any of these will change the flavor profile of a bread, perhaps for the better perhaps for the worse.  If you are avoiding honey, try the alternatives and see what you think.

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