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Feeding a Starter

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Sourdough starter, like any living organism, needs food to live.  As bakers, we add flour and water to our starter and call that "feeding the starter".

There are as many ways to feed a starter as there are sourdough bakers, maybe more.  There are a number of signficant things that happen when we feed the starter.

  • We give the starter more starches to eat, allowing it to continue to live
  • We dilute the starter, making it less acid.  If the starter gets too acid, the organisms can suffer.
  • We favor the growth of the organisms we want in the starter by giving them a consistent environment.


2 thoughts on “Feeding a Starter”

  1. When it has been a couple of weeks since feeding the refrigeratored starter, do you remove any or all of the vinegary substance that is on top of the starter?

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