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2003-07-21 Getting it read and other rambles

Things have been kinda slow around here lately. Well, at least on the bread front. Efforts to open the bakery have gone into high gear, and paradoxically, that means I've had less time to bake, try experiments or new recipes, or mess with the web page than usual.

However, I did find a pretty neat web site dedicated to bread in San Francisco. Max, the webmaster and bread nut, has some very clear ideas about what he likes in bread, and I sure wish his web site had been available when I visited San Francisco. If you're in, or if you're going to visit, the Bay Area, you  might want to visit San Francisco Bread Review. (Sadly, that site is no longer up, so the link takes you to it's entry in the Internet Archive.)

An observant reader noticed that I have been habitually misusing "it's." Sadly, the correct use of "its" and "it's" is not always clear. "Infopedia," a multimedia encyclopedia, dedicates about four screens to the topic, and concludes, "We recommend that you stick with its for the pronoun and it's for the contraction. " All of which is to say that I have been reviewing my use of "its" and "it's" and have tried to correct them. I hope I haven't introduced typos in the process. Please let me know, won't you?

When I pulled the plug on the gluten free sections of this web site, I violated my policy on maintaining files for deep linkers. Our guidelines say that, "We'll try real hard (with no promises) to keep them around as long as we're on the Internet." However, the gluten-free experiment has come to an end, it is obvious that there will be no gluten-free products from my upcoming bakery, that I have no good information to share with those who need information about avoiding gluten, and that there are many good resources for celiacs. So, keeping the pages served no purpose. And they are gone from the menus, however, they can be seen here.  (2019 note - The web design is at least three versions old and it may seem quaint and crude.  We just didn't want to migrate it to the current site.)

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