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Thank you Mike, your site has given me so much help. It is clear, intelligent and most importantly, not scary. Your site pushed me to take the plunge into pain au levain. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment I get out of the magic of baking bread.

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2003-04-22 Lets Catch Up!


WOW!!! Has it been that long? I guess so! Since I last wrote here, we held the "Introduction to Sourdough" class in the Johnson Building Art Gallery. It was great! Six people showed up, and they left with two loaves of wonderful bread each, as well as pizza leftovers. The highlight was probably my first attempt to make a sourdough version of Bernard Clayton's "Grandma Spurgeon's Cinnamon Rolls." They were amazing. When they came out of the oven, class stopped for about 10 minutes, and all I heard was eating noises and soft moaning. The recipe will be included in our "Flavored Breads" cookbook, due out before Christmas 2019.

Sadly, my digital camera has died. It's in a box on its way to be repaired.  Until it gets back, there won't be many updates to this web site. When it does get back, there will be two updates to the flour tests, and then the tests will stop for a good while. I want to make the tests much more rigorous and control some presently uncontrolled variables.

Sarah, the church secretary and all-around nice lady, offered me her used convection oven. It is a Wolf commercial convection oven. It took two tries before we could move it. It's a heavy beast. And now, I'm getting used to it
and trying recipes in the regular oven as well as the convection oven. Some people tell me that a convection oven isn't all that good for bread, but it's great for roasts, pastries, cakes, and laminated dough products. We'll see, I guess. With luck, we'll have some pictures next time.

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