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2003-03-31 First Class! First Advertiser!

've been putting up signs for the classes all over Gunnison and Crested Butte, and I've started getting some phone calls and reservations.

More interestingly, I finally had a nibble on the "This Space For Hire" banners we've had on this page for a while. Sandi of "Health for You"(*) has hired the space for at least the next six months. I've had an eye on some of her merchandise for a while, and now I'll be able to find out if it's really as good as she says... without spending any money! When I have a chance to play with the WhisperMill, I'll share my impressions with you. I have a feeling that it will take over a lot of grinding duties from my KitchenAid grain mill, but from what I read it really can't produce grain as coarse as a few of my recipes call for, so I won't quite retire the KitchenAid grain mill just yet.

(*) Note from 2019 - Sadly, "Health for You" is no more.  Most of the early Internet commercial pioneers failed.


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