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“Talk of joy: there may be things better than beef stew and baked potatoes and home-made bread – there may be.”

— David Grayson

2003-04-04 Ash Wednesday Soup and Salad Supper

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March 5, 2003 - Our church had an Ash Wednesday soup and salad supper. The church secretary asked me to bring bread. (It pays to give people bread.... when I was working out the recipe, I gave her a Sourdough King Cake.) For the dinner, I brought two loaves each of my Sourdough Black Bean and Chipotle Pepper Bread, Challah, and Bohemian Rye. It was a real ego boost to have people raving about the breads.

Despite my long-held belief that people in Colorado just aren't pepper bellies, the Black Bean and Chipotle pepper bread was the hands down favorite. The dinner was held in an art gallery, and the owner made it a point to tell me they used to have cooking classes in the gallery until the cook "vanished mysteriously," and that she'd love to have classes in the gallery again. It turns out there is a full commercial kitchen in the gallery. WOW!!! A possible home for my classes again!

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