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“Old bread is not hard, no bread, that is hard!”

— Old German saying

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The Emperor Has No Clothes!

If you don't listen to "Rise Up! - The Baker's Podcast" you should. Every week or so the host, Mark Dyck talks to different bakers who share their stories. It's been an amazing array of bakers. Rise Up! is available on most podcast services, and from Mark's home page

The most recent podcast I heard featured Dan Leader, a baker who inspired many of us in our journey of bread discovery.

When the topic of social media came up, Dan commented something like this, "If you look at the bread pictures on social media, you'd think all bread was round or oval, had a dark crust with an open slash down the middle that had a big ear, and a white crumb with big irregular holes in it. If that was the only bread I made, i couldn't keep my bakery open!"

I suspect some people will see his comments as heresy, but I see them as a breath of fresh air, like the child who pointed out, well, you get the idea.  Sometimes, the homogenization of breads on social media bothers me. Dan Leader summed up my feeling very well.

What do you think?

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