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Quotes From Students – “Just a note of appreciation for the two GREAT bread making classes last weekend in Colorado! The classes were informative, motivational, and for me a great confidence builder!”

— Bruce, Oklahoma City, OK

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"The Bread Builders"
by Allan Scott and Dan Wing

This is not a recipe book, there is only one recipe in it, a recipe for a French Pain au Levain which makes about 370 pounds of dough. We scaled down the recipe for this Pain Au Levain, and it is one of our favorites.

However, the book explains how baking, sourdough, and masonry ovens work at a level untouched by any other book. Want to know about the differences in flours? This is your book. Interspersed are photo essays of visits to different bakeries around the USA. The book is inspirational. And very highly recommended. can help you find a copy.

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