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“The universe of bread is made up of a nostalgia for one’s childhood the hard work of farmers, miller and bakers and the distinctive pleasure given by something ‘authentic and flavorful.'”

— Jerome Assire

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"Sourdough Cookery"
by Rita Davenport

The biographic information about Rita Davenport tells us she is a home economist and a time management expert. That will come as no surprise to any sourdough purist who reads this book. It is a triumph of time management over sourdough.

She uses commercial baker's yeast to start and maintain her starters, and more commercial baker's yeast to make her recipes rise. The pictures are beautiful, the recipes look good, but this is more of a book about using poolish than sourdough, since her starters will never achieve the status of being sourdough starters.

I can't recommend this book as a sourdough book, and I am so appalled by it that I won't put the usual pointers to in place. If you're a fan of this book, and it has many fans, please understand I'm not saying it's a bad baking book..... just that it's a terrible sourdough book - or more precisely, it's no sourdough book at all.

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