Sourdough Home

“Better beans and corn bread at home than cake and wine in the land of strangers.”

— Georgian Saying

Getting There – Where Are You Again?

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For the time being (until we are sure the Covid-19 pandemic has passed), we're as close as your computer - all our classes are live and on-line.  We've been liking on-line classes and may continue to offer them even once the coast is clear.

When we start offering live and in person classes, it's really not far to get to our classes if you are in the general Dallas/Fort Worth area.  It takes less than an hour to get here from the most parts of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex, and not much more than an hour from the farther parts.

Better yet, it's a straight shot up IH-35 no matter where you are in the Metroplex. Go to IH-35 and head north to Sanger - a very easy drive. (We're a bit north of where IH-35W and IH-35E merge.)

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