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About Our Facilities

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Our main facility is in Sanger, Tx. Located between, and somewhat north of, Dallas and Fort Worth, we are conveniently located for students in the D/FW areas, as well as much of Oklahoma.

We are less than an hour from the D/FW International Airport and will be glad to make local travel and lodging arrangements for students who are flying in. D/FW International Airport is a major hub for many airlines, so flights in and out of it are cheap and plentiful. Don't assume visiting us would be beyond your means, you might be surprised!

Our Sanger, TX kitchen has a cork floor, which is very easy on ones feet, ankles and knees. We have plenty of counter space, and all the usual amenities.

We have adequate parking in a safe area, adequate sanitary facilities, good equipment to learn to bake with, and an area where we can share lunch, tea or snacks.

We're proud of our facilities, and hope to see you soon!

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