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Wednesday May 23, 2007
The Road Hom
e Again 

As I type this, I am sitting in the San Francisco airport and realizing I haven't updated the blog for a number of days. The entries below were all written on the 23rd. To put it simply, by the time I got back to the hotel room, I was too tired to stay awake at the keyboard. Maybe it would be better to have Camp Bread on the east coast..... people seem to be invigorated when they travel east, and drained when they travel west.... at least it works that way for me.

It's been a GREAT couple of days. I learned more than I could have imagined about rye breads. I met great people, people who were just names on emails have become real people to me. Caring people. People with wonderful smiles, great handshakes, and charming laughs. People with whom I have broken bread. People with whom I now share a deeper bond. I've been to many conventions over the years. Some were run more smoothly - though this was a very smoothly run conference. But none featured better food (you remember the title of Alton Brown's first cookbook, don't you?), and none were more meaningful to me. I suspect what I felt there was what people go to festivals like Burning Man to experience.... a melding with a group mind. Or maybe just a chance to hang out with people who share a calling, a passion, and a lifestyle. Great thanks to everyone who made Camp Bread happen!

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