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2019-07-14 - Why Won't My Dough Rise....

Or, what did I do wrong THIS time?

Bad habits. We all have them. And, somehow, we have less trouble recognizing them in other people than in ourselves. Maybe we're talking knuckle popping. Or passing gas in public places. And then... we realize that we're engaging the behavior that drives us nuts when other people do it.

So there I am in the left lane of the highway and this bozo is in front of me with his left turn indicator flashing. "REALLY? You're in the left lane, where do you think you're going?" I grumble futilely. This sad state of affairs continues for a few miles. And to make matters worse, I keep hearing this annoying, "Tick Tick Tick" noise. I look around the car, hoping I can find the source of the annoyance and then I see ... yeah, you guessed it, my left turn indicator is on.

Little bothers me as much as getting emailed questions that are answered on the web site. Not even a, "I saw you said this and that on the something page, but I have a slightly deeper question...." I grumble to myself, "Hey, we've got a search bar on the web page, why won't you use it?"

I've been seeing a considerable number of questions about "why won't my dough rise?" Sadly, there are SO many reasons this could happen that it can't be answered within the attention span of a Facebook post. As I started to write a blog post and "Mike's (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips" newsletter post about this, I stumbled upon a web page I had written quite some time ago. I should have just searched for the topic, using the search tool. *sigh* Yeah, I did that!

Sometimes I find something I wrote long ago and I cringe wondering how I could have been so dense. Other times I smile and say, "Hey! That's pretty good!" This is one of the "pretty good!" times.

Yeah, there are some omissions. It doesn't talk about puff pastry, but since doesn't deal with puff pastry at all, that's OK with me. Puff pastry is ALL oven spring, not dough rise. I should have added something about how to test baking powder. (I just did, btw.) Overall, it's a good starting point. So, rather than reinvent the troubleshooting guide, I'll just post a link to it.

In case you haven't noticed the search tool I just mentioned, it's a box just below the logo on the right side of the screen with the word "Search" in it. If you don't see it, chances are good you disabled JavaScript. Another hint that you disabled JavaScript is a message to the right of the SourdoughHome logo that reads, "You will see some cool quotes about bread if you turn on scripts!" Since every browser has it's own way of enabling JavaScript, I'll just suggest you ask Google how to turn on JavaScript for your browser.

Once enabled, the search box will search our web site, and give you some "foreign" content as well. You'll be amazed at what you can find at SourdoughHome! Sadly, many web sites don't have search tools and you still might want to search them. And, perhaps you don't want to turn on JavaScript. No problem! Google is, as it so often is, your friend. If you want to search a site, go to google and enter " stuff you're looking for", or to search for why won't my dough rise, try " why won't my dough rise". It works, as the Brits say, a treat.

A few font fanatics have been complaining about Sourdough Home's fonts. So, we're playing with fonts. We've killed off the source of the most vocal complaints, Comic Sans MS. Please let us know what you think of the font changes. Some people care more about fonts than others. Personally, I am more concerned with how a loaf of bread is slashed.

Until next time, may your dough always rise, and if it doesn't you know where to find troubleshooting information.


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