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2003-05-24 Mike Rambles On About Gluten Free Bread

As I have been looking into starting a bakery here in the mountains of Gunnison, Colorado, I have been told a number of times that a real growth area is in gluten free/wheat free breads. So, I tried some to see what people with Celiac/Sprue are eating instead of bread. And all I can say is, I feel your pain.

The stuff that is sold as bread really doesn't give me "true bread satisfaction". The closest I've gotten so far is in using Bob's Red Mill's Bread Mix. It is enjoyable, it has a mouthfeel like bread, and it's gluten free. Of course, it's loaded with dairy products, so if you are sensitive to milk and eggs, you are still out of luck (though they say soy milk would work also.)

While I'm not afflicted with a wheat or gluten intolerance, I am interested in researching the issue. For once, I have more questions than answers. I hope you'll join me in finding some answers.


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