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2003-05-15 The Canon is Back!

HOORAY!!! My trusty Canon S-10 camera has been repaired and sent back to me by the folks at Canon. (Hint - if your digital camera breaks, check with the manufacturer first, they usually have faster and cheaper service than going through a camera store.) So, that means that the last two tests in the flour test can be run.

The last two tests?
Yes, the last two tests. For some time, I've been less and less happy with the current structure of the flour tests, so I'm revamping them. I'm also tired of making the same recipes again and again. The new flour tests will feature two bread recipes, and a number of significant tests that the current tests do not. However, I will be spending more time on the other tests, such as the San Francisco Sourdough recipe and the Sourdough English Muffin tests.

And then, there's the bakery, but that's a story for another day.

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