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Whole Grain Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Meal Flour – what’s the difference?

One of the more interesting aspects of dealing with an international community of cooks and bakers is that ingredients, and the names we call ingredients, may not be the same around the world.

When our recipes call for whole wheat flour, we mean a flour that is produced by milling kernels of wheat with nothing added or removed from the wheat.  Of late, we have been milling our own flour and this has brought us great joy.

Whole grain flour, or whole meal flour, contains all the goodness nature put into the grain.  It is richer in nutrients, fiber and flavor.  However, if you are used to dealing with refined flours, such as all-purpose flour or cake flour, there is a learning curve before you become comfortable with the switch.  Until you are used to what whole grains need, you may find whole grain breads to be heavy and to have a flat flavor.  Keep at it!  A great starting point is our 100% Whole Wheat Bread.

In Australia, this might be called whole meal wheat flour.

Hopefully this clears up any question about what we mean when we ask for a whole wheat flour.

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