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Things have been quiet… TOO quiet

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WOW!  Our last blog post was almost 5 years ago!  Since then, we completed the move to the new hosting service (we REALLY like(d) Siteground!)  And the rewrite of our web page went smoothly.  Since then, we've largely just updated the class offerings.

By the time  you see this, the next upheaval will have heaved up.  The ongoing issue with the old site was that it didn't show well on mobile devices, and it wasn't very easy to maintain.  Using a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal would make those issues go away.  Still, inertia is a drag.  We spent a long time evaluating CMS packages.  We went to conferences.  We did everything you could imagine... other than actually migrating the web site to the CMS.

Since you're reading this, the migration is, more or less, complete.  Please let us know what you think about it, and what we could improve.

Update on 1/15/2021 - The site has been converted to WordPress, and after a year we migrated away from SiteGround - their renewals were too pricey.  We spent another year with a different hosting service which shall remain nameless.  And now for 2021 we are with a new hosting service.  So far, they've been very, very good to us.  They are A2Hosting.  They are very reasonable if you get a 3 year contract (their 3  year contract was less than SiteGround wanted for a 1 year renewal!), and they promise a prorated refund if we aren't happy.  So far, so good!

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