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“Carefully managed starters can last indefinitely, but keeping up with one is a good bit of work. Kinda like having a pet that you raise and feed and take care of and then…bake and eat.”

— Alton Brown


Starting a Starter, My Way

Starting a starter, Mike’s Way Express Instructions Detailed Instructions Starter My Way Photo Essay Starter Troubleshooting Express Instructions This is a part of our “Sourdough Starter Primer” and a thumbnail sketch of how I start a sourdough starter. It is, deliberately, devoid of details. I’ve been asked to cut the flowery prose and explanations, so …

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Bread Alone

“Bread Alone” by Daniel Leader  I’m still digesting this book, but so far, I like it. Clear instructions, good recipes, lots of nice information about bakers in France. However, I do think he makes things harder for himself, and you, than is necessary.  For example, he has you premix white and whole wheat flour to make …

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Beard on Bread

“Beard On Bread” by James Beard While James Beard wasn’t a fan of sourdough, this remains one of the best introductory reference books to bread making around. I highly recommend this book to beginners. The last publication of this I saw was in 1995, but when I researched this page, helped me find a 1979 …

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