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“With the bread eaten up, up breaks the company”

— Miguel de Cervanetes, Don Quixote


Basic White Bread

Basic Yeasted White Bread Introduction to Baking This recipe has been with us for a long, long time.  It’s an old favorite.  So it shocked me when I found somewhere between the old web site and the new I managed to mess up the recipe.  Yeah, the mangled version worked, but it just wasn’t as …

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Honey Honey Please Honey is that sweet stuff which causes all sorts of issues.  Let’s talk about them…. First a tip – if you are measuring by volume honey tends to be hard to get out of your spoons and cups.  So, if there is also oil in the recipe, measure the oil first and …

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Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital Wheat Gluten   Vital Wheat Gluten is gluten that has been extracted from wheat.  It is pure gluten.  In our glutenphobic age, you might be wondering why anyone one want or use such a thing.  There are a number of reasons… Vital wheat gluten helps breads, especially whole grains, rise better.  We talk about …

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WhisperMill Part of the Grain Mill Comparison The WhisperMill ushered in a new generation of home grain mills, called micronizer mills. Instead of using stones or steel rollers to crush the grain, they use high speed steel disks spinning at 45,000 rpm or more. When grain hits the whirling disks, it just explodes into flour. Some …

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MockMill 100

Mockmill 100 Part of the Grain Mill Comparison Where the Komo is a beautiful piece of woodworking, the Mockmill is molded from Arboblend®, which seems to be a plasticized wood product. This makes for a very serviceable white case. All of which is to say, it doesn’t take one’s breath away if you’re a lover of …

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KoMo Fidibus Classic

KoMo Fidibus Classic Part of the Grain Mill Comparison The KoMo Fidibus Classic Grain Mill is an earlier design from Wolfgang Mock who designed around 75% of the home mills in use in Europe. The good folks at Pleasant Hills Grain loaned this mill to us, and they were great to deal with throughout the review, and even after. It …

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