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Starting a Starter, My Way

Starting a starter, Mike’s Old Way Express Instructions Detailed Instructions Starter My Way Photo Essay Starter Troubleshooting Express Instructions This is a thumbnail sketch of how I start a sourdough starter. It is, deliberately, devoid of details. I’ve been asked to cut the flowery prose and explanations, so as an experiment, I’m doing just that. …

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Desem Starter

Laurel’s Desem Starter Laurel Robertson’s “The Laurel’s Kitchen Bread Book” is one of my two favorite whole grain bread books. It offers a wealth of information about how to make good breads with whole grain flours. The only complaint I have about the book is that her grasp of sourdough is somewhat limited. In most cases, …

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My Sourdough Starter Is Slow, What Should I Do

My Sourdough Starter Is Slow, What Should I Do? A recurring problem many sourdough fans face is that their starter slows down, or it loses it characteristic flavor. This is relatively uncommon in commercial bakeries because they use their starter on a daily basis, and because the starter is used so frequently that the acidity of the starter stays under control. …

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