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Bread Alone

“Bread Alone” by Daniel Leader  I’m still digesting this book, but so far, I like it. Clear instructions, good recipes, lots of nice information about bakers in France. However, I do think he makes things harder for himself, and you, than is necessary.  For example, he has you premix white and whole wheat flour to make …

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Pain au levain

Three Stage French Bread (Pain au levain) In “The Bread Builders”, Alan Scott and Dan Wing mention a classic three stage process the French use with Pain au levain. They obtained the recipe from J.C. Groscher, who got his data from Professor Calvel. It looked really, really interesting. However, the process starts with 1 kilogram of …

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Sourdough King Cake

Sourdough King Cake When I lived in Beaumont, Texas, the influence of Louisiana on the local cuisine was so strong many people joked that Beaumont wasn’t really a part of Texas at all. In addition to many good friends, I miss all of the Cajun and Creole food we enjoyed there. Especially Turducken (which is another …

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Sourdough Challah

Sourdough Challah For years, I’ve heard people talking about making Challah. My mother made Challah when I was a kid. It’s a rich, eggy Jewish bread, usually braided, and usually beautiful. People rave about it, and because it’s rich, it lasts well. It’s lovely, but I’d never made a loaf. So I decided, “it’s time!” Some …

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New Bohemian Rye Bread

New Bohemian Rye or Edie’s Bread I was in a panic. I was having some serious cravings for Bohemian Rye Bread. The tangy rye, the balancing caraway, the deep rich tastes were calling me. And – the grocery store didn’t have the medium rye flour I needed! They had whole rye. I’d never used whole rye, but I’d …

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Bohemian Rye Bread

Bohemian Rye Bread Sometimes it’s called Deli Rye, sometimes it’s called Bohemian Rye, but either way it’s a light grey rye bread filled with sourness, caraway seeds, and flavor. Hickory Farm stores and deli’s everywhere sell this bread. It’s a rye bread so good it will make your toes curl. Slice it thick, slice it thin, cover …

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