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White Bread Recipes

Some White Bread Recipes These recipes are some of our favorite recipes that are based on white flour. We hope you will enjoy them as much as we do. Bagels – SOURDOUGH Bagels (of course!) Challah English Muffins Flax Seed Bread Pane Siciliano San Francisco style Sourdough Simple Sourdough Pan Bread Sourdough Pizza Crusts Three …

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Sweet Breads

Some sweet bread recipes On this page, we’re listing some of our favorite sweet breads. Just in case you got here from a misguided search engine, we’re talking about breads that are sweet. Not dishes made thymus gland or pancreas of an animal younger than one year old. We don’t have anything against such dishes, …

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Rye Bread Recipes

Some Rye Bread Recipes To anyone raised on northern European breads, rye breads are the staff of life. They have a taste that fills your heart and soul. They are usually dense breads that require you to really chew them. Sometimes I stop eating rye breads… and when I start again I wonder why I …

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Misc Recipes

Some Miscellaneous Bread Recipes These are recipes that don’t fit anywhere else, but are special enough that they deserve some attention. We hope you’ll enjoy them as much as we do. Cheesy bread pudding Chipotle Black Bean Bread Fettuccine with Tangy Wilted Spinach Flax Seed Bread Pane Siciliano a lovely Italian semolina flour based recipe, modified …

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Sourdough Ciabatta

Sourdough Ciabatta Today, January 30, 2019, we removed this recipe from the menu system. If you found this, a search engine brought you here. Basically, we haven’t been happy with thie recipe since we moved from the mountains of Colorado to the flatlands of Texas. We have been playing with the recipe, and hope to …

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