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Total Cinnamon Rush

Total Cinnamon Rush I can’t believe I’ve never shared this recipe!  Though it is a bit of a bother and has caused “issues”.  It kinda reminds me of a line in The Beatles song about desserts, “Savoy Truffle” where they sing, “But you’ll have to have them all pulled out after the Savoy Truffle!”  Yeah, …

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swirly rye assembly

Swirly Rye Marbled Rye To Infinity And Beyond! Swirly Rye When I first made swirly rye I thought using equal amounts of each dough was the way to go. However, the dough that was rolled into the center of the roll just took over the loaf visually. Playing with quantites showed that 2/3 of the …

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Swirly Rye Bread

Swirly Rye Bread The Basics Rye Starters American Light Rye American Dark Rye Putting It All Together The Basics Beth, my wife, loves swirled rye breads, like Pepperidge Farm’s Deli Swirl Bread Rye & Pump. There’s something very attractive in the contrast between the dark and light rye breads. There’s something vary flavorful in the …

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Pane Siciliano

Pane Siciliano Pane Siciliano is an Italian, well, OK, Sicilian, recipe that is based on using Semolina flour, the same flour used to make pasta. We used the coarse grind, and the results were delightful. Next time, we’ll use an egg wash to help the sesame seeds stick better and to provide more sheen to the loaf. …

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Flax Seed Bread

Flax Seed Bread This is a hearty, and heart smart, seeded bread. Because it contains flax seeds, it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help elevate your good cholesterol. The bread is very tasty – a family favorite toasted for breakfast – and a whole lot cheaper than salmon, one of the other good sources for omega-3 …

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