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“Hope is the poor man’s bread.”

— George Herbert


An Archive of “Millstream – A Natural Foods Baking Journal”

Millstone – A Natural Foods Baking Journal In the late 1970’s there was a surge of interest in Natural Foods and Natural Breads.  Much of today’s artisanal bread movement has it’s roots in this time.  Ed Lambdin and Norman Zwagil created “Millstream, A Natural Foods Baking Journal” starting in the late 1970’s  Through the generosity …

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Sourdough Cookery

“Sourdough Cookery” by Rita Davenport The biographic information about Rita Davenport tells us she is a home economist and a time management expert. That will come as no surprise to any sourdough purist who reads this book. It is a triumph of time management over sourdough. She uses commercial baker’s yeast to start and maintain her …

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The Village Baker

“The Village Baker” by Joe Ortiz.  Many people think this is THE book on baking. It has gorgeous pictures, and is a veritable love affair with bread. Despite this, I think Joe Ortiz spent a lot of time making things too difficult for himself and his reader. Not really recommended. can point you to a 1993 hardback, and a …

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Flavored Breads

“Flavored Breads – Recipes from Mark Miller’s Coyote Café” by Mark Miller and Andrew Maclaughlin  A very good book on flavored breads. One of our favorites is the black bean and chipotle pepper bread, which we modified to use sourdough (we include our sourdough version in our “Introduction to Sourdough” book.) Their use of sourdough is limited, and makes the usual mistakes with …

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Bread Alone

“Bread Alone” by Daniel Leader  I’m still digesting this book, but so far, I like it. Clear instructions, good recipes, lots of nice information about bakers in France. However, I do think he makes things harder for himself, and you, than is necessary.  For example, he has you premix white and whole wheat flour to make …

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Beard on Bread

“Beard On Bread” by James Beard While James Beard wasn’t a fan of sourdough, this remains one of the best introductory reference books to bread making around. I highly recommend this book to beginners. The last publication of this I saw was in 1995, but when I researched this page, helped me find a 1979 …

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The Taste of Bread

“The Taste of Bread” By Professor Raymond Calvel Professor Calvel is regarded by many people as the baker who brought about the resurgence of interest in good bread in France. His book is instructional and inspirational. Sadly, the English version is also quite expensive. But it is worth it. Many of the best bakers I …

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Bread Science

“Bread Science” by Emily Buehler Emily is unique among bread writers. She is not only a professional baker, she has a doctorate in Chemistry. She explains what is happening in the dough, in the rise, in the bake, and in the bread at a very fundamental level. It is an incredible book, and one which …

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