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Make do with bread and butter till God brings the jam.

— Berber saying


Whole Grain Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Meal Flour – what’s the difference?

Whole Grain Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Whole Meal Flour – what’s the difference? One of the more interesting aspects of dealing with an international community of cooks and bakers is that ingredients, and the names we call ingredients, may not be the same around the world. When our recipes call for whole wheat flour, we …

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Honey   Honey is a sugar based syrup made by bees gathering pollen from plants.  Many people feel local honey, having local pollen, can help people minimize allergy symptoms. Sugar contains enzymes which can interfere with dough rising.  This is most pronounced with raw honey.  The answer is to blanch the honey to denature the …

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Cake Flour

Cake Flour According to Nigella Lawson, cake flour is mostly found in the USA.  It is a low protein flour, between 6 and 8% protein, that has been milled very finely and bleached.  Cake bakers have historically wanted a very white flour to make very white cakes. Higher protein levels would make cakes tough rather …

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Type 00 Flour

Type 00 Flour Type 00 flour is a very finely ground flour, which is usually made in Italy.  It is usually made from wheat, but can be made from, other grains and even legumes. The wheat version of this flour ranges from 8 to 12% protein and is especially useful for making pasta and pizza.

Sticks of Butter

What ARE “Sticks” Of Butter? As confusing as cups are to people who don’t use them, which is to say virtually everyone not in the USA, the notion of “Sticks of butter” is even more so. In the USA, butter is normally packaged in 1 pound (454 gram) packages.  The packages are usually divided into …

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Honey Honey Please Honey is that sweet stuff which causes all sorts of issues.  Let’s talk about them…. First a tip – if you are measuring by volume honey tends to be hard to get out of your spoons and cups.  So, if there is also oil in the recipe, measure the oil first and …

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Vital Wheat Gluten

Vital Wheat Gluten   Vital Wheat Gluten is gluten that has been extracted from wheat.  It is pure gluten.  In our glutenphobic age, you might be wondering why anyone one want or use such a thing.  There are a number of reasons… Vital wheat gluten helps breads, especially whole grains, rise better.  We talk about …

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Eggs! Eggs do a lot for enriched doughs.  They add moisture, they add fats, and they act as an emulsifier.  Without eggs, many breads would not exist. Still, they are a bit of a bother.  How do measure 1/2 egg?  Easy answer – double your recipe and use a whole egg.  But that’s always a …

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Sugar Sugar…. we’re addicted to it!  Even though we know it’s not really all that good for us.  But, really now, if we eliminated everything from our diet that someone says isn’t good for us, we’d have a very boring diet.  I can’t think of much that someone hasn’t said is bad for us.  I …

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