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“It isn’t bread that feeds you; it is life and the spirit that feed you through bread.”

— Angelus Silesius, Der Cherubinische Wandersmann

flour types

Cake Flour

Cake Flour According to Nigella Lawson, cake flour is mostly found in the USA.  It is a low protein flour, between 6 and 8% protein, that has been milled very finely and bleached.  Cake bakers have historically wanted a very white flour to make very white cakes. Higher protein levels would make cakes tough rather …

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Type 00 Flour

Type 00 Flour Type 00 flour is a very finely ground flour, which is usually made in Italy.  It is usually made from wheat, but can be made from, other grains and even legumes. The wheat version of this flour ranges from 8 to 12% protein and is especially useful for making pasta and pizza.