Sourdough Home

“The primary purpose of education is not to teach to earn your own bread, but to make every mouthful sweeter.”

— James R. Angell



There’s an old saying, “You can’t be too rich or too thin!”  To that, I’d add, “or have too many scales!” A recurring class issue has been sharing scales because we haven’t had quite enough scales for larger classes. had a great sale on scales, and now, We’re good. We keep getting better and …

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About Mike

After faith and family, my greatest passions are baking and teaching people to bake. My mom should probably get the credit, or the blame, for my love of baked goods, which in turn led to my love of baking. When I was a kid, mom baked all the time. Rye breads, whole wheat breads, white …

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New Classes!

It took a while, but we’re announcing two new classes, and kicking off the new year’s class schedule with a bang. The two new classes are our Steak House Rock and Pasta Party classes. As with all our classes, these are hands-on classes where you learn by doing. We think that you’ll enjoy them both. …

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We had a sourdough class yesterday and it was great! One thing that was especially good this time was the pizza! We make sourdough pizzas for lunch in the sourdough class. We made a number of the classic class pizzas – shrimp, asparagus and mozzarella cheese; smoked salmon, thinly sliced red onion, mascarpone, and capers; …

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Rye Breads Class

The first few times we teach a class are times of great discovery. Which is why the first time we teach a course, we discount it. Which recipes work? Are the recipes bulletproof enough for class? What do we do for lunch? What last minute variations shall we try from the last time we gave …

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The Scales Are here!

Old Will Knot delivered quickly! The scales are checked out and ready for class! It-ll be so good to have enough scales and to not have to work around the idiosyncrasies of some of the more battered and abused scales.