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here he comes to save the day!

A good while ago the good people at SuperPeel asked us to look Superpeelat their SuperPeel. At the time, I was up to my ears in starting a bakery and while I looked at the SuperPeel, and while I liked the SuperPeel, I never wrote it up. I'm correcting that oversight now.

The SuperPeel is a scaled down version of a commercial oven loader. It is like a pizza peel, but it has a movable canvas belt on it that lets you pick up and deposit bread, pizza, and other things you want to bake quickly and easily.

In a baking class a while back, I had students make Pizza for lunch. We picked up fully loaded pizzas and deposited them in the oven on tiles without losing ingredients or deforming the pizzas. All the students are ready to go off and buy a SuperPeel for themselves.

It's a great tool, and one we heartily recommend. I'd post a picture of my own, but my SuperPeel is showing wear and not really pretty. So, I "borrowed" a picture from the SuperPeel web site. If you go to their web site, you'll see pictures of new SuperPeels and some very nice videos of things you can do with a SuperPeel - I especially like the deep dish pizza movie - I can't wait to try that technique!

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