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While we wish you wouldn't unsubscribe from our list, we know our list isn't for everyone. It may not be what you expected. So, while we'd rather not see you leave, we want to help you unsubscribe.

The Mailman list server we use doesn't make it easy to unsubscribe. We have been able to write web code that helps people subscribe, but haven't been able to reverse the process. So, this is the best we can do. Just as Mailman asked you to confirm that you wanted to be subscribed to the newsletter, it will also do what it can to make sure that you really want to unsubscribe and that it's you unsubscribing rather than your evil uncle Ernie.

The unsubscribe box In the upper right corner of every newsletter email is a box that looks like the block to the right. If you click on the link that reads, "mikesweeklybakingtups-leave@mail.otherwhen.com", your computer will start your email software, if it's not already running, and create an email addressed to the list server. Oh, you can also click on that link above.

The unsubscribe box Once the email has been created, you don't need to do anything with the email other than send it. It will go to the list server and tell it you want to unsubscribe.

How does the list server know whom to unsubscribe? It uses the email address you sent the email from. Normally this isn't a problem, since you are sending the email from the email account that received the newsletter.

If all went well, in a few seconds you should receive an email back from the list server, asking you if you really wanted to unsubscribe. The Mailman package really hates to lose subscribers! The email will have a subject line and from field that will look something like this:
The unsubscribe box
(It will look different in different email clients.)

If you don't get the email in a few minutes, please go to our Contact Us page and send us a note - we hate to see you go, but we really don't want you to be stuck receiving a newsletter you don't want.

The unsubscribe box Open the email - you'll see it looks something like the screen shot to the right. If you don't want to be removed from the list, just delete the email.

If you do want to be removed from the list (remember - you're breaking our heart!), just click your email program's "Reply" button.

The unsubscribe box You'll see your usual email program "reply" email dialogue, and then you should send the email without changing it.

The unsubscribe box The Mailman program is very chatty. Now that you've confirmed your unsubscrition, it will send you an email to let you know you have been unsubscribed. I've circled the important part of the email which reads "Confirmation succeeded". At this point, you shouldn't get more emails from Mike's (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips.

If you use multiple email accounts, or have changed email addresses since you signed up for the newsletter, that can cause your email to be sent from an account other than the one you subscribed with. And that can cause the unsubscribe to fail.

If the unsubscribe fails, or you continue to get newsletters, please let us know by going to our Contact Us page and send us a note. Please let us know what you did to try to unsubscribe, and the email address you subscribed from. While we hate to see you go, we really don't want you to be stuck receiving a newsletter you don't want.