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Baking Tips and Techniques, With a Special Emphasis on Sourdough

Some intresting bread and baking topics - Altitude baking issues, baking topics, dough, gear, and Sourdough techniques.

Altitude Issues In Bread Baking
Altitude or baking with an altitude
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Baking Topics
Baking Is A Balancing Act - Or How Do I Know How To Bake My Bread?

The (big) Holey Grail - making bread with the big holes you see in the bread books.
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Dough techniques
How do I extend the rise time of my dough?

Retarding Dough For Flavor Enhancement and Process Control

Scheduling - A more hands-on overview of fitting baking into your busy schedule

Stretch and Fold - A Gentle Way To Develop Dough - and the Elusive Panama Bread Recipe too!

How to knead bread, converting recipes from volume to weight, and Mexican Anise bread

The Art of the Rise - Understanding What Is Happening In Your Dough
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Gear for baking gearheads
How do I measure "stuff"? (including small stuff like salt and yeast!)

Some tools we find especially useful

Introduction to Peelology, or Getting Dough Into the Oven Safely

How To Slice Bread - A Reassuring Guide For The Compleat Klutz
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Sourdough Topics
How many starters do I need anyway?

My starter is slow, what should I do?
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