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More About Our "An Introduction To Sourdough Baking" Cookbook

Introduction to Sourdough Cover

For some time our "An Introduction to Sourdough Baking" cookbook has been our hottest seller. The book is an integral part of our "Introduction to Sourdough" class, so you know the recipes are student tested.

The book has been used in dozens of classes, and has sold over a thousand copies besides. It has been widely praised as an excellent introduction to using sourdough.

The book is 64 pages densely packed with pictures and information. If you would like to see what you're getting, here is a sample download of the first edition of our book, and it's only gotten better since!

All purchasers of this cookbook will receive two electronic copies of the cookbook. One copy is ready to print as a digest sized book, the other as a letter sized book. The full size file, we are told, works wonderfully in ereaders that handle PDF files.

If you use spam-blocker software that blocks emails from new addresses, please add both mavery at otherwhen dot com and introtosourdough at otherwhen dot com to your list of allowed senders.


For just a measly five bucks, you get an electronic copy of this book emailed to you and a limited lifetime subscription to updates to the book. You can print your own copies of the book, saving us printing and shipping costs - savings we pass on to you. What's not to like?

Click on the button below for the email only copy with the limited lifetime subscription for $5.00
Some folks would rather not print their own copies of this cookbook. To help them, we offer a digest sized printed copy.

Our digest sized copy is about the size of "The Reader's Digest" or a letter size piece of paper folded in half along the 11" side.

Just $15.00 (plus shipping) for a mailed digest sized copy, PLUS an emailed copy with our limited lifetime subscription. How cool is that?
Some people find that a digest sized copy is smaller than they can comfortably read, For those people, we offer a letter sized copy of our cookbook.

Just $20.00 (plus shipping) for a full sized copy, PLUS an emailed copy with our limited lifetime subscription.

Our Limited Lifetime Subscription - Many people ask us what we mean by our "limited lifetime subscription." This subscription will entitle you to any and all updates we make to the book(s) you are subscribed to as long as we continue to update the books. We do not guarantee that there will be updates to the books, just that you will receive them if you fulfill the terms of the limited lifetime subscription. If either you or we die, that is an obvious end to the subscription. We will not assign the subscription to your heirs and assigns, and cannot guarantee that our heirs will continue this venture. If, for any reason, you do not keep us updated as to your email address, we cannot maintain your subscription. If you let us know about any changes to your email address before your old email address is cancelled, we will gladly change your email address in our records at no charge. However, if your subscription is cancelled because your email address changed, you did not notify us that your address had changed, and our email server dropped your old address, we will reinstate your subscriptions for a $5.00 fee.