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"Mastering Flavorful Breads"
(Formerly "Advanced Baking Techniques With Preferments")

Mastering Flavorful Breads

I'm not the first, and I won't be the last, baker to say that a lot of a bakers job is to unlock the taste of the ingredients in the bread. Flour has layers and layers of taste that are released to ones palate using preferments and a slow rises.

Again, this book was forged in the cauldron of baking classes. The recipes are tried and tested by students, and they worked for the students, and they will work for you!

Preferments were developed in the late 1800's to help restore flavor to breads that were lost when bakers moved from sourdough to bakers yeast. Often forgotten, these techniques achieve their goal, and will help you take your breads to the next level. In this book, we talk about how to use poolish, biga, autolyse and our old friend sourdough makes a return visit.

All this is combined with slow rises to give these techniques time to work.

All purchasers of this cookbook will receive two electronic copies of the cookbook. One copy is ready to print as a digest sized book, the other as a letter sized book. The full size file, we are told, works wonderfully in ereaders that handle PDF files.

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