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Christmas Pumpernickel

This recipe is based on one by Beatrice Ojakangas in her book Great Whole Grain Breads, however it has been converted to sourdough. The bread is flavored with orange rind, and is decorated with a cookie cut in the shape of a star. The conversion is discussed elsewhere, and it was not easy. Pumpernickel purists will complain that the bread isn't a true pumpernickel. I'll comment that pumpernickel is made in countries other than Germany, and that this bread is not a German Pumpernickel.

The recipe will be put on line "shortly*". This is largely a place holder. Sorry. Until the recipe is on line, you might look at your local library or, better yet, go to a book store and buy a copy of the book, it is worth buying!

*"Shortly" is not quite right. This has been in place for about 7 years. Some day, I'll get around to uploading the recipe. Until then, please stick to the alternate plan discussed above.