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Mike's Bread Blog, 2016

July 2, 2016 - Can we talk? It's been over two years since this blog was updated. The material that should have gone here has gone into Mike's (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips mailing list. And that's not ALL bad, even if it does make this web site look abandoned. In part, that was because I've been working on converting the web site to Content Management System. First to Joomla, then to WordPress. And, honestly, I was spinning my wheels. Wanting isn't doing. But it was enough to keep me from posting here.

So, now the migration is underway. Yeah. Really. Wordpress won. And inertia has largely been held at bay. Our site has around 160 pages, and of these 97 have been converted to a greater or lesser extent. My goal is pretty simple. I'll convert the site and then bring it up all at once. I don't want to lose the traction that a month or two of a site that only says "Coming Soon" would cause, or that months of a partial site would cause. So, one fine day, it'll be here.

If you're in the Mike's (more or less) Weekly Baking Tips mailing list, you'll get updates about the impending conversion. And then I'll get back to baking. And writing about it. Dang, it's been too long.